International Space Consultants

Our Experience


  Project Management 

  Systems Engineering Analysis and Conceptual Design

  Orbital and Mission Analysis

  Requirements Analysis

  Risk Assessment

  Market Analysis

  Proposal Development

  Astrophysical Analysis

  Technical Writing and Editing

  Software Development

  Program Development and Operations

  Industry Forecasting

Who we are

International Space Consultants has been at the forefront of the exploration and development of space for over thirty years.  We apply the experience of the international space program investment toward the commercial development of NewSpace opportunities. Based in Silicon Valley, we work with partners around the world to develop space systems to satisfy humanities needs on Earth while opening the solar system for exploration and development. 


Space is the next frontier. Let us help make your dreams a reality!


Proposal Support

  Technical Analysis

  Proposal Writing and Editing

Project Management 

  Management Consulting

  Multidisciplinary Communication

Program Development and Operations

  Content Design

  Program Delivery

Industrial Forcasting and Validation

  Market Validation

  Technical Due Diligence

Technical Research and Analysis

  Engineering Research and Analysis

  Design Concept Assessment

  Market Research and Analysis

  Scientific Research and Analysis

  Policy Analysis

Our Team

Eric Dahlstrom                                         Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom

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